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A Guide to Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures are an essential piece to the digitalization puzzle and a significant milestone towards digital transformation. They’ve greatly fast-tracked the completion of local and remote agreements, while enhancing security and authentication. For E-signature beginners, this document serves as an overview of the technology, including the different types of solutions, its known benefits and its legal standing around the world.

Top Reasons Banks and Financial Institutes Choose Foxit for Digital Document Procedures

When it comes to processing account information, client identification, bank statements, tax returns, mortgages, and loans, it’s definitely an understatement to say that banks handle a lot of documents. As an industry that processes a wide range of financial documents, banks have to constantly look for smarter measures to expedite the way they manage their client information and files. Learn how Foxit could be the solution for KYC procedure management, document security, and file standardization.

Understanding OCR - An In-Depth Look at Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition, also known as OCR, is the process of converting scanned paper documents into searchable, electronic files. In many office applications, such as invoice processing, there are clear time and cost efficiencies in converting paper documents into electronic documents. For example, entering document information into a database, also known as field coding, is often a very expensive proposition. Using electronically converted files, instead of the original paper, the process of field coding can be sent offshore or even automated.

How to Securely go Digital in Healthcare

In this paper, we selected the top five scenarios in which using Foxit can be an invaluable aid as you prepare to go digital in the healthcare industry.

  • From Paper to Paperless
  • Digital Enrollment with Collaboration
  • Leverage Mobile Solutions
  • Patient Confidentiality
  • Interoperability with PDF API/SDK

This paper is intended for dedicated healthcare IT professionals to ensure their organization’s transition to digital is as smooth as possible. This community ranges from clinicians, IT leaders, analysts, content managers, operation managers, architects, developers, and designers to the individual contributors responsible for digital strategies.

Top 10 Reasons Legal Firms Select Foxit for Electronic Filing

PDF document technology has become a relevant technology in the legal field, and has established itself as the standard for document digitization. When it comes to exchanging documents with clients, lawyers, and courts, PDF documents are the file format of choice. With PDF editing software like PhantomPDF, users now have the ability to work with digital documents the same way that they would with paper, while saving on costs.

Top Reasons Insurance Companies Choose Foxit to Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Insurance industry undeniably relies on a lot of documents such as claims, contracts, policy endorsements, no-loss statements, and much more. As a business that focuses primarily on services and agreements, it is apparent how much insurance companies process documents on a daily basis. The time lost handling paper documents could make your customer switch to a competitor instead. Today’s insurance is transforming from paper to a streamlined anywhere, anytime type of digital industry.

Best Practices on How to Avoid Rejected Court Filings

Regardless of which e-filing system you use, PDFs are critical documents that can easily cause rejected filings. All states have clear rules that must be followed when e-filing. To ensure that your filings can be accepted, this document white paper provides guidelines on some of the requirements. Always remember to review your state’s rules of court in detail for final compliance.

Top 8 Reasons Government Agencies Select Foxit PDF Software for Paperless Solutions

Make data more accessible by going paperless, saving employees’ time and money with less space, enabling quick, on-demand access. With PDF compression image processing optimization, a scanned PDF document can be as searchable as a Word document, while also being smaller in storage size for improved transmission and accessibility. Paper to digital conversions of email, TIFF and Office documents to PDF and PDF/A, high-quality OCR, and file compression can also be automated through high-performance servers, and indexing allows an accurate and efficient search of PDF documents and forms.

Handling regulatory requests with Greater Security and Efficiency with Foxit Software

Providing information to citizens, private groups, regulatory agencies and others is so essential to a well-informed citizenry and functioning democracy that it has been codified by laws at the Federal and state levels. But responding to these requests is more complicated than in the past. Information is held across many repositories and content systems, making tracking down the right documents more difficult and time-consuming. Documents are increasingly digital, requiring more sophisticated redaction techniques than simply obscuring sensitive information on a physical copy. And the threat of foreign agents or actors with malicious intent attempting to compromise sensitive information has grown exponentially.

How to Collaborate in the Modern World

Understand what digital transformation means to IT and the risks associated with the
increasing amount of digital data where the IT world now consists of assets sprinkled all over the internet, no
longer within physical control. Learn how to enable real-time collaborative team reviews, documentation security and
post-publish document tracking to monitor documents wherever they go.

Getting Control of Document Flow

In today’s connected world, information security has become a ubiquitous and vexing challenge. “Getting Control of Document Flow: Exploring Exposure and Risk In Document-Related Data Breaches,” looks at the ramifications of documentation security breaches for organizations of all sizes and underscores a lack of effective document security practices surrounding the way companies create and share confidential and sensitive documents.

Dealing with Document Deluge and Danger

This study by the Business Performance Innovation Network explores the value, challenges, disconnects and new requirements surrounding document creation, processing and sharing in business and government organizations.

Going Paperless? Here's What You Need to Think About?

Going paperless is not an overnight process, even for small organizations or sole proprietors. No matter the size of your organization, you need to start the paperless process with a sound strategy. Read this paper to learn more.

Get Better Search Results with Foxit PDF IFilter

For enterprises with a large amount of PDF documents, are in industries that require long
term document archival, or are in industries that have high information regulation requirements, Foxit IFilter
provides the ability to quickly find specific PDF documents from large file systems.

Making the Case for PDF/A

Digital media needs to be archived, searched, and analyzed – now more than ever. PDF is the only standard that has the flexibility, industry trust, and the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) certification to be used as an electronic document archiving standard. PDF/A is the version of PDF specifically designed by Adobe and the ISO committee to provide the set of features required to encapsulate all of a document’s properties, with no information loss. With PDF/A, one can reliably replicate the exact look and feel of a document years later.

Not All PDF Compression is Created Equal

Part I – Scanned Documents

These days, various companies offer software or online services to create compressed PDF files from scanned image files or existing PDF files. On the surface, a given solution might seem to do a great job of getting the file size down, sometimes even for free. However, what might look good initially may come with some caveats, and it’s important to carefully examine the results to see what you’re really getting. Choosing PDF compression software can be challenging and understanding what a solution can really provide is key. Learn how to identify a robust solution that doesn’t necessitate important tradeoffs.

Enterprise PDF Rendition

The goal of enterprise PDF rendition is to display documents in a standardized fashion irrespective of the IT system used to generate them within the business, their original format, or their original source. The term encompasses the conversion, generation, processing and validation of PDF documents. Other output formats are also theoretically possible.

Advanced Document Imaging Compression

If you are not integrating advanced document imaging compression technology with your document capture process, your organization is spending extra money on storage, using up more network bandwidth, filling up inboxes faster, and forcing people to wait longer to download the files than they need do. PDF Compressor by Foxit is designed not only to alleviate these problems, but also to deal with a whole new set of issues related to file size—which are arising as we evolve into a world where mobile technology makes PDF documents more portable than ever.