Cyber Security

Viruses, Trojans, Ransomware, and Other Malware

Recently emerging viruses/ransomware include Locky, TeslaCrypt 2.0, Cryptowall 3/4, Ransomlock, CryptLock, and CryptoLocker. Other recent malware: Backdoor, SONAR, Tapaooux, Cozer, Exploit, Zbot!gen86, Backoff, and others.

Employees should be carefully trained in e-mail security measures, restraint from clicking on unknown e-mail links, visiting unfamiliar sites, and opening documents from unknown senders. Some site ads are infected with malware, without downloads, unbeknownst to the user.

Every system should have active anti-virus and anti-malware, along with effective firewall, spam and web filters.

Backup and sufficient storage are crucial in preserving data, and should be operational in real-time or daily at a minimum. Storage files should be as protected and isolated from the rest of the system to as great a degree as possible. Various strategies include off-site backups, backup of backups, and maintaining an archive of previous backups.

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