Samsung Catch On Chromebooks for Education

Samsung Online Learning Engagement Solution

Enhanced privacy. Enhanced engagement. Enhanced insights.

Samsung and CatchOn are teaming up to provide school districts with valuable education tools. The Samsung Chromebook 4 combines with the award-winning CatchOn data analytics tool to deliver the latest learning and analytics technology.
You’ll be able to more closely and effectively monitor student engagement, as well as manage data privacy. It’s the ideal solution for districts that want insight into the efficacy of their technology investments and integrations.

The Solution

  • When a district purchases* a minimum of 100 Samsung Chromebooks, they receive 90-day free trial of CatchOn for all
    district devices
  • 2 data analytics review professional development sessions
  • 1 free CatchOn license for the first year for every Samsung Chromebook purchased (not to exceed 20 percent of total district student enrollment).

For Example

  • 10,000 students in the district
  • 2,000 Chromebook 4’s purchased
  • District receives 10,000 CatchOn licenses for 90-day pilot
  • 2 data analytics review professional development sessions
  • 2,000 free CatchOn licenses for the first year of the subscription when purchased district-wide

*The CatchOn solution is only available for district-wide purchases.

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Chromebook 4 keeps students and teachers connected.

Housed in a sleek, military-grade, full-metal body, the Samsung Chromebook 4 offers the ultimate in reliable teaching technology. It’s designed to make teaching easier in and out of the classroom

Get style and reliability.
• Ultra-slim bezel keeps the focus on the content
• Weighs just 2.6 pounds
• Sleek, military-grade durability to handle bumps and drops1
• Battery lasts up to 12.5 hours2
• Easily connect via lightning-fast Gigabit Wi-Fi
• Full-size keyboard and touchpad
• Connect to a larger display up to 4K via USB-C

Take advantage of more teaching tools.
• Integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace for Education and Google Classroom
• Easy access to Google apps like Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Meet

Maximize your technology budget.
• Easy provisioning eliminates manual updates or patches, reducing IT labor and support
• Cloud-based storage and device-sharing reduce on-site storage and device requirements
• Automatic updates ensure the latest and most secure OS, hassle-free
• Data protected by hardware-based verified access (discrete TPM 1.2) and software-based Google Chrome sandboxing

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CatchOn Expansive Data Analytics Tool

CatchOn’s actionable data enables districts to see how and when students are using their Samsung Chromebook, identify unknown or unapproved apps they’re accessing via the Chromebook that may pose a threat to student privacy, and assess the ROI on the district’s purchased applications and digital tools


CatchOn’s student-level data module allows districts to monitor how and when each student is using applications
on their district devices. With CatchOn, K-12 leaders can:

• See engagement within a given course or section
• Measure student engagement to the minute within various subject matters using CatchOn’s Active Window
• See exactly the number of minutes a student is actively engaged within a given hour throughout the day
• Determine if students are online when they are outside the school building
• Compare user engagements to evaluate gaps or inconsistences in engagement activity for assigned applications
• Share engagement reports with district stakeholders, including individual reports for parents

Data Privacy

CatchOn enables education leaders to see the software applications being used by students, empowering administrators to quickly diagnose applications vulnerable to student data privacy policies. Beyond visibility into usage, CatchOn helps
safeguard student data by:

• Allowing users to quickly see if an application currently holds an IMS Global TrustED Apps™ certification and/or Student Data Privacy Consortium badge
• Enabling users to mark and categorize their applications as approved or not approved by the district
• Giving districts access to review their applications’ privacy policies and terms of service with the CatchOn Application
Profiles tool
• Enabling leaders to download and create exportable lists of approved or unapproved apps they can share with district
personnel, stakeholders and parents

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