Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM Z & LinuxONE with Comprehensive Add-Ons 

Last updated: June 16, 2020

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the
No. 1 commercial Linux
distribution in public
cloud environments.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is theNo. 1 commercial Linuxdistribution in public    cloud environments

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for
IBM Z and LinuxONE with
Comprehensive Add-Ons is an
offering that includes:

Successful organizations continually evolve to meet changing business needs. Their IT infrastructure keeps up and transforms to support new service delivery models. These organizations look to Red Hat Enterprise Linux , IBM Z, and LinuxONE to deliver business advantages through higher levels of resiliency, scalability, security, and interoperability.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On for increased uptime.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extended Update Support (EUS) Add-On for flexibility in updates and migrations.
  • Red Hat Smart Management for optimization and management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments at scale.
  • Unlimited virtual guests.
  • Premium support with unlimited access to Red Hat technical support and 24×7 coverage.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the intelligent operating system that is the consistent foundation for open hybrid cloud and provides the tools needed to deliver critical services and workloads faster and with less effort—any application on any footprint at any time. Red Hat Enterprise Linux complements IBM Z and LinuxONE to provide a full integrated software and hardware solution.

Organizations have come to rely on IBM Z and LinuxONE systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux to gain next-level data privacy, security, and resiliency as the foundation of their critical workloads running in hybrid multi cloud environments.

Mission critical workloads count on Red Hat

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM Z and LinuxONE with Comprehensive Add-Ons is a premium offering designed to support the compute needs of critical workloads that can be consolidated to take full advantage of the system capabilities at lower costs. This offering provides a superior level of resiliency, scalability, and security by combining the strengths of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, an enterprise class Linux operating system (OS), with that of a world-class computing platform available with IBM Z and LinuxONE. It comes standard with an extended lifecycle, application high availability, enhanced security, compliance, and configuration analytics and flexible guest deployment options, all of which are considered essential to running critical enterprise workloads.

Consistent, stable life cycle

This offering comes standard with Extended Update Support (EUS). This feature gives IT operations and security administrators the greatest amount of flexibility to plan their updates and migrations with resolutions to Critical and Important impact Red Hat Security Advisories (RHSAs) and Urgent Priority Red Hat Bug Fix Advisories (RHBAs) for a specific minor release. And with Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s live kernel patching capabilities, updates can be made to the running kernel to patch selected and important common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) without server reboots, eliminating server downtime for critical workloads.

High availability for critical workloads

This offering also comes standard with Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On. This feature helps services stay resilient in the event of an unforeseen disruption. If an outage occurs, critical applications maintain continuity by routing requests to the next available instance. The high-availability add-on provides a consistent administrative and management experience across deployment footprints. The included monitoring technology can be integrated into many existing monitoring infrastructures used in operations teams today to streamline operational efficiency. 

Efficient proactive management

To be most effective, it’s critical that all systems in your environment be up to date and in compliance with security, regulatory policies, and internal business practices. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM Z and LinuxONE with Comprehensive Add-Ons includes Red Hat Smart Management and Red Hat Insights, which helps you more securely manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux—from physical machines to hybrid multiclouds. 

Red Hat Smart Management combines Red Hat Satellite with cloud management services for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, letting you provision, patch, configure, and control your development, test, and production systems based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You can also ensure that all systems have the latest security patches and remediate configuration drift quickly. Complete auditing capabilities record and report the historical state of your systems at any point in time. 

Red Hat Insights delivers predictive analytics that help you rapidly identify and remediate threats to the availability, security, stability, and performance of your infrastructure. Proactive, automated, and targeted issue resolution helps ensure that your environment is operating optimally to avoid problems and unplanned downtime. Red Hat Insights includes more than 1,000 rules (and growing), including system configuration requirements and best practices, to identify vulnerabilities before they impact critical operations. To learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux visit

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