RHEL 8 Brief: Manage & Mitigate IT Risk


Red Hat Insights helps manage and mitigate IT Risk

All Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions now include access to Red Hat Insights.


Red Hat Insights helps you  proactively identify and remediate threats to availability, security,  stability, and performance through:

  • Predictive IT analytics.
  • Continuous expert assessment.
  • Simple remediation guidance.

IT is at the center of modern business operations

In a digital world, your IT environment is a critical business asset. Customers expect high-quality services and innovation and can be quick to move to another vendor if your organization cannot meet their needs. As a result, you must manage your IT environment to be as efficient, reliable, and secure as possible. To achieve this, you need a trusted operating system with easy-to-use management, visibility, and remediation tools.

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8 provides an intelligent, stable, and security-focused IT foundation for modern, agile business operations. Every active Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription now includes access to Red Hat Insights. Red Hat Insights delivers predictive operating system analytics that let you rapidly identify and remediate threats to availability, security, stability, and performance. Proactive, automated, targeted issue resolution helps to ensure that your environment is operating optimally to avoid problems and unplanned downtime. Red Hat Insights is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that you can interact with via or the Red Hat Satellite web interface. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 also contains the Red Hat Insights client in the operating system install media to make adoption even easier.

Red Hat Insights gives you the analytics, assessment, and guidance you need to mitigate IT risk and respond to digital business needs.

Predictive IT analytics

Take advantage of the expertise and technical knowledge of Red Hat Certified Engineering. For more than 25 years, Red Hat Support engineers have worked with customers every day to solve a wide range of issues. Information about the most common customer issues is used to create rules for comparison against known vulnerable configurations.

Red Hat Insights includes more than 600 rules to identify threats to:

  • Availability. These rules look for issues like insufficient reserved compute or memory resources that cause operations to fail.
  • Security. These rules check for high-impact and commonly encountered Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).
  • Stability. These rules identify problems like nearly full file systems that result in unstable and poorly performing operations.
  • Performance. These rules detect concerns like slower-than-expected network throughput.

Continuous expert assessment

Red Hat Insights delivers continuous vulnerability alerts to help you maximize uptime and avoid emergencies. By default, the agent collects, anonymizes, encrypts, and sends information about your systems to Red Hat for analysis once per day. This information is limited to only the data needed to determine if your system is at risk — like kernel and application versions — and is discarded once new data is uploaded the following day, or after two weeks if no new data is received. The Red Hat Insights rules engine compares your system data against configurations known to be associated with availability, security, stability, and performance vulnerabilities.

An intuitive, color-coded dashboard shows analysis results. The dashboard provide three metrics to understand the health of your systems at a glance:

  • Likelihood shows the probability that a system will experience the impact described in the rule.
  • Impact presents the level of expected impact to the system if the identified risk occurs.
  • Total risk is a combined metric based on likelihood and impact results.
  • The dashboard also shows the number of systems affected and ranks issues by priority, so you can resolve them quickly and keep your environment up and running with confidence.

Simple remediation guidance

Red Hat Insights streamlines remediation through targeted guidance and integration with Red Hat automation tools. If a system contains a known vulnerability, Red Hat Insights automatically alerts you and provides instructions for fixing the problem. These include prescriptive manual remediation plans and, when available, Ansible® playbooks that you can download through the dashboard and run using Red Hat automation tools. To speed resolution and reduce the risk of manual errors, Red Hat Insights is integrated with Red Hat Ansible Tower and Red Hat Satellite management and automation tools.

  • Red Hat Ansible Tower is simple, agentless IT automation technology that offers a graphical interface for detailed automation control and visibility. You can use Red Hat Ansible Tower to automate reporting and remediation actions for Red Hat Insights.
  • Red Hat Satellite is a life-cycle management platform that lets you manage, secure, and scale your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. It integrates directly with Red Hat Insights for simple, push-button remediation using Red Hat Ansible Automation technology.

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IT performance, stability, availability, and security are critical for digital business success. With Red Hat Insights, Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides an intelligent, stable, and security-focused IT foundation for modern, agile business operations.

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