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A stroke of genius

With 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, the active pen picks up the slightest nuances of pressure, tilt and flow to create shades of lightness and darkness with great accuracy. With virtually no lag, it’s similar to writing with a pen on paper.

The world’s longest battery life on a single charge for an active pen

Charge the pen up to 80% in 20 minutes and a full charge in less than an houri. Imagine all you can do with a pen that lasts up to 40 days on one chargei.

Easy access to commands

Programmable top and side buttons offer quick access to frequently used apps or functions. Connect with Bluetooth and launch Windows Ink Workspace with a single press on the top button.

Designed for convenience | Magnetic attachment

Conveniently attach your rechargeable active pen to your Dell 2-in-1 laptop via magnetic attachment.

Visual reminders

An LED indicator at the tip of your pen keeps you informed of Bluetooth connectivity, battery life and charging status.

Tile location tracking

The world’s first active pen with Tile location tracking lets you easily locate where you left your pen last. Simply open the Tile App, press “find” and your pen will begin buzzing and blinking its LED lights to alert you to its location.

Peace of mind | Replacement nibs

With 2 spare nibs included, you can easily replace an existing or lost nib.

Widely compatible

Works seamlessly with most Dell 2-in-1s thanks to AES 1.0, 2.0 and WGP protocol support.

Advanced Exchange Service

Your pen comes with a 3-year warranty. If a replacement becomes necessary, it will be shipped to you the next business day.i

  • Stylus’ tip has a smaller area than our fingers, thus increasing precision
  • Active pen – An extraordinary stylus that permits natural handwriting

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