C2G 50W Audio Amplifier – Plenum Rated – 8 Ohm


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The 8 Ohm 50W Audio Amplifier is the ideal solution for supporting a sound reinforcement system in a classroom, conference room or other environment that requires installation in a plenum space. This amplifier supplies 50 Watts of power, 25 Watts per channel, and is built to an industry standard 8 Ohm design. This amplifier supports many advanced features which make it a perfect fit for most applications.

Audio systems installed in commercial environments are susceptible to noise caused by an electrical ground loop. This will often manifest as a hum or buzz through the system. This amplifier features noise reduction technology on both the 3.5mm and RCA Stereo Audio inputs. This noise reduction eliminates the interference and allows the audio signal to pass through.

After five minutes without a signal, the amplifier will enter standby mode providing energy savings. The amplifier will wake from standby mode automatically when a signal is received.

The accessory power output provides 12 Volts DC and 500 mAmps. This makes the amplifier the perfect match for a controller such as the TruLink® A/V Controller

This amplifier accepts a 3.5mm and RCA Stereo Audio input as well as a 3.5mm Microphone input. The mixing function ensures that audio from all three inputs are mixed and sent to the speaker outputs.

This amplifier is designed to accept either RS232 control or control signals from an industry standard volume control.

The PA sensor will automatically mute the audio inputs of the amplifier allowing the public address to be heard.

  • Increases the strength of a weak electrical signal without affecting other characteristics
  • Soothe yourself with low subs and soaring vocals at 20 kHz maximum frequency
  • The sound moves around at 8 Ohm impedance – a joyful journey to audio pitching and loudness, both

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