BTI AC Adapter


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  • It supplies continuous power to your gadgets
  • Delivers constant 19 V DC for smooth functioning & charging of the device
  • Up to 65 W maximum power output

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Weight 0.85 lbs
Dimensions 6.40 × 5.10 × 2.00 in

Battery, Inc, Technology

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14-BS004LA, 14-BS007LA, 14-BS009LA, 14-BS010LA, 14-BS011LA, 14-BS012LA, 14-BS013LA, 14-BS014LA, 14-BS017LA, 14-BS025LA, 14-BS027LA, 14-BS057CL, 14-BS0XX, 14-BS153OD, 14-BW001LA, 14-BW002LA, 14-BW004LA, 14-BW006LA, 14-BW066NR, 14Z-BW000, 15-BS001LA, 15-BS002LA, 15-BS003LA, 15-BS004LA, 15-BS007DS, 15-BS008CA, 15-BS010DS, 15-BS010NR, 15-BS011LA, 15-BS012CA, 15-BS012DS, 15-BS012LA, 15-BS013DS, 15-BS013DX, 15-BS015CY, 15-BS018CY, 15-BS019CA, 15-BS019CY, 15-BS020CY, 15-BS020NR, 15-BS020WM, 15-BS021CY, 15-BS022CA, 15-BS022LA, 15-BS024LA, 15-BS025LA, 15-BS026LA, 15-BS027CA, 15-BS027CY, 15-BS027LA, 15-BS028CL, 15-BS028LA, 15-BS037LA, 15-BS038CL, 15-BS038DX, 15-BS039LA, 15-BS044LA, 15-BS045NR, 15-BS048CL, 15-BS050LA, 15-BS059OD, 15-BS061ST, 15-BS062ST, 15-BS065NR, 15-BS066NR, 15-BS067CL, 15-BS070WM, 15-BS074NR, 15-BS076NR, 15-BS080WM, 15-BS086NR, 15-BS087NR, 15-BS088NR, 15-BS091MS, 15-BS095MS, 15-BS113DX, 15-BS131NR, 15-BS191OD, 15-BS193OD, 15-BS194OD, 15-BS197CL, 15-BS212WM, 15-BS234WM, 15-BS244WM, 15-BW001CY, 15-BW003DS, 15-BW004CY, 15-BW004LA, 15-BW004WM, 15-BW005CY, 15-BW005DS, 15-BW006CA, 15-BW006DS, 15-BW008CA, 15-BW008CY, 15-BW009CY, 15-BW010CA, 15-BW010CY, 15-BW010LA, 15-BW010NR, 15-BW011CY, 15-BW011LA, 15-BW015LA, 15-BW016LA, 15-BW017CL, 15-BW017LA, 15-BW018CA, 15-BW018CL, 15-BW018CY, 15-BW020CA, 15-BW028CA, 15-BW030CA, 15-BW032NR, 15-BW032WM, 15-BW033WM, 15-BW035NR, 15-BW038CL, 15-BW040NR, 15-BW060CA, 15-BW063NR, 15-BW069NR, 15-BW070CA, 15-BW070NR, 15-BW071NR, 15-BW072NR, 15-BW073NR, 15-BW078CL, 15-BW085CA, 15-BW087CA, 15-BW088CA, 15-BW088CL, 15-BW098CA, 15-BW098CL, 15T-BR000, 15T-BS0XX, 17-AK001CY, 17-AK006CY, 17-AK008CY, 17-AK009DS, 17-AK010CY, 17-AK010DS, 17-AK010NR, 17-AK011DS, 17-AK012DS, 17-AK014CY, 17-AK015DS, 17-AK018CY, 17-AK019CY, 17-AK020CY, 17-AK021CY, 17-AK022CY, 17-BS010NR, 17-BS011DX, 17-BS015CY, 17-BS016CY, 17-BS027CY, 17-BS028CY, 17-BS029DS, 17-BS030DS, 17-BS042DS, 17-BS049DX, 17-BS051OD, 17-BS055NR, 17Z-AK000, 215, 240, 31XXM, 340, 430, 431, G2, G6, MT40

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12, Month


Battery, Inc, Technology

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Product Name

AC, Adapter

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AC, Adapter




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