Cyber Security

Phishing Prevention, Testing, and Training

Social Engineering, in this case, is the science of convincing your target that what you are sending them is safe and acceptable, with utlization of carefully crafted communications by cyber criminals. Recent campaigns have included branded e-mails appearing to originate from company CEOs, retail, credit, restaurant, and other well-known orgianzations.

Stray USB flash drives are a common way for malware to enter an organization’s systems, typically from insiders or outsiders simply leaving them on the premises. When employees plug in the drives, ransomware or other malware is automatically loaded on the system.

Vishing, or voice originated phishing can be as dangerous as email, as the target follows instructions from an authoritative source regarding a sale, special offer, or other seemingly realistic call resulting in malware uploading.

Our Phishing Prevention tools educate your employees, test them by sending (non-malicious) phishing e-mails with familiar logos and appearances. Those who click where they shouldn’t are notified (optional) and tracked with reporting to employers as to who requires further

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