Microsoft for Government

Pursue your vision of economic, social and environmental prosperity for the people you serve with inclusive technology that seamlessly blends into everyday life.

Intelligent government solutions

Empower every government agency and person on the planet to achieve more.

Drive economic growth and development

Stimulate economic growth and empower the workforce with new skills, training and initiatives.

Enable personalised, digital experiences

Provide inclusive, accessible platforms and enhanced digital services to individuals and businesses.

Deliver trusted and secure services

Build trusted government services by adopting the highest standards of security and compliance.

Build a resilient, sustainable future

Create a better future by harnessing the power of new and emerging technologies.

Government sectors

Critical infrastructure

Deliver flexible, resilient and secure infrastructure in an increasingly digital world.

Public finance

Reignite the economy and drive financial accountability with intelligent technology services.

Public health and social services

Create opportunities for safety, wellness and prosperity around the globe.

Public safety and justice

Empower agencies, improve operations, protect communities.

Valuable resources

Understand the transformation imperative

Discover how governments prioritise digital transformation budgets to maintain service continuity and protect public health.

Accelerate digital transformation

Learn the four keys to enable remote government access, empower cross-agency collaboration and deliver trusted and secure services.

Enable remote government

Understand how successful governments use technology to overcome challenges with hybrid work.

Improve security and compliance

Provide trusted, innovative services using six technology updates for governments.

Explore smart city solutions

Discover evidence-based analysis that shows how diverse cities use technology and public-private partnerships to meet their social, environmental and economic goals.

Empower cross-agency collaboration

Learn how to use cross-agency collaboration to build a more agile and efficient government that meets the needs of residents.

Support upskilling and talent development

Explore Microsoft training programs that help government employees and job seekers obtain necessary technology skills for today’s economy.

Strengthen public engagement

Learn how intelligently deployed AI helps governments engage people and provide better access to services.

Adopt real-life digital transformation strategies

Learn how governments have incorporated technology solutions to meet the needs of the people they serve.

Explore the Public Sector Center of Expertise

Access thought leadership and research about digital transformation and innovation for government. Discover how public servants from around the globe are improving government services and achieving sustainability, social and economic goals.

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News and events

US Public Sector Summit

Hear the conversation with federal, state and local government, and education leaders and learn how they have responded to recent disruption and what lies ahead, as we explore the solutions that will advance our nation and world.

Government Industry Digital Forums

Hear from global experts as they discuss digital transformation and how technology is helping them to achieve their mission.

Blazing new trails through collaboration

Discover how our partners help deliver and scale government services.

Four benefits of hybrid cloud

Improve flexibility with a mix of cloud and on-premises.

Three outcomes of government collaboration

Empower people, enhance governments and enable societies.

Free ways to reposition for the future

Access five free actions to help you achieve your objectives.

Mobility and digital transformation

Learn how technology helps people travel where they need to go.