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Is number 7 a “lucky” number? Well, 7 is a prime number. That makes 7 sort of special. There are also the seven days of the week, the seven deadly sins, the seven dwarfs, seven wonders of the world, and the seven notes on the musical scale. There are many people who believe in the power of the number 7. So, why do we like 7 so much? Perhaps it’s simply because of its rebellious nature, the odd one, not symmetrical like 8, lacking the perfection of a 10 or the romance of a 2. It is somewhere close to the top but just not there yet….perhaps…

Which makes me think about our 7th release of our smartphone mobile application, ExtremeCloud IQ Companion. I figured, this blog is a good place to stop and take stock of some of the highlights of past releases as well as highlight some of the new features available with version 7.

The version timeline began with a humble beginning, with our first release providing users with the ability to scan and onboard APs to the cloud. Taking a look at the history of our releases:

Rel 1.0: Scan and onboard APs to the cloud
Rel 2.0: Support for biometric login and dark mode
Rel 3.0: Capture installation photos and support for wired networking devices
Rel 4.0: Added universal hardware support and enhanced troubleshooting
Rel 5.0: Introduction of CoPilot
Rel 6.0: VLAN probe, Ping and other diagnostics tools debuted

Mobile Companion 7.0 takes yet another step forward in providing the most intuitive and streamlined functionality to complete your day-to-day network management tasks. Let’s have a look into what is new in this release:

1. New CoPilot Anomalies: Although CoPilot was introduced previously, Mobile Companion 7.0 now provides visibility to two more CoPilot anomalies:

Wi-Fi Efficiency
Adverse Traffic Patterns

*Detected Anomalies will be marked in red to draw the user attention and make it more apparent.

2. New Devices & Clients filters: To further enhance visibility, we have listened to customer feedback and are introducing additional filters for both the Devices and Clients screens. You can now filter devices by Location or State. Clients can be filtered by Location and Connection Type.

3. CLI Presets: Rel 7.0 introduces “CLI Presets”, a set of up to 10 configurable, pre-defined, most used, CLI commands, that can be selected with the press of a button.

4. Wired Port Bounce: We added the ability to Bounce wired client port straight from the Client screen. This is a simple and easy trick to force a hard reboot of connected PoE devices.

Rel 7.0 has many more features and enhancements under the hood, give it a try and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Do you feel lucky? scan and download our Rel 7.0

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