Knowledge and data expansion continue at exponential rates, offering increasing opportunities for efficiency, student learning, community and parental communication. The simultaneous need for network, device, and database security is an expected result of our everchanging world from an educational technology perspective. Fortunately, governmental and other funding programs have expanded the capacity for school districts, colleges, universities, and other institutions of learning to meet their needs is keeping up with and staying ahead of the technological innovation curve.

Several considerations enter into educational tech general as well as specific and custom applications design and acquisition processes that many of our clients experience.

  • What are the technology, software, service, or solutions requirements that should be met?
  • Who are the most capable sources from which this technology should be acquired, designed, and implemented?
  • Does bigger mean better, or can equivalent or higher level personalized service and dedicated, skilled expertise resources be utilized from experienced vendors with less than billion dollar valuations?
  • What about delivery timelines, supply chain issues, and providing students with step-up technology at the earliest possible moment in enhancing their educational experience?
  • Does your vendor offer best value, and how do you factor in pre and post sales engineering, support, and follow-up in calculating that value?
  • Are you able to generate value from those storage areas filled with outdated or non-functioning equipment?
  • Are you experiencing prompt, accurate, secure, and predominantly trauma-free delivery from the currently strained logistics providers?
  • How long should outdated hardware and software be utilized and what is the point of efficiency and accuracy loss vs. expenditure providing state-of-the-art functionality?

These can be challenging questions to answer, and define the need for a capable and skilled products and services provider.

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