↓  ABM technology and battery testing in Eaton UPS products

(PDF 141 KB, 07/08/2021)

↓  An Eaton playbook on lithium-ion batteries for UPS applications

This playbook serves as an introduction to the use of lithium-ion batteries in UPS solutions. It is a guide to help data center owners and operators understand and incorporate this emerging energy storage technology and offers insight into selecting the right UPS solution for any modern data center.
(PDF 4 MB, 07/07/2021)

↓  Eaton power management handbook

(PDF 5 MB, 01/28/2021)

↓  Eaton UPS basics

(PDF 970 KB, 04/26/2021)

↓  Eaton UPS fundamentals handbook

The Eaton UPS and power management Fundamentals handbook
(PDF 7 MB, 02/26/2021)

↓  Lithium batteries for UPS applications

(PDF 760 KB, 07/07/2021)

UPS Paralleling with Eaton Hot Sync technology

↓  Your aging three-phase UPS: When to refresh, replace or run to fail

In this paper, you will learn why aging three-phase UPSs are susceptible to failure and evaluate the pros and cons of three possible options: replace the UPS, update the existing UPS’s internal electronics, or continue to operate the UPS until it fails.
(PDF 2 MB, 10/27/2021)