Disaster Recovery: Unexpected crises can occur at any time, whether related to acts of nature, such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, or other occurrences such as fire, power outages, malware, and ransom ware attacks, among others. Business losses can be hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per day when systems shut down. Damage to marketplace image and reputation can be far more costly, as some of the largest corporations and their executive IT personnel have discovered.

While on-site, cloud, and hybrid backup can protect business data, restoration times can be prolonged when disasters affect entire networks, facilities, or installations. Those engaged in mission-critical businesses must maintain system function without interruption, as multi-system failure can endanger national and corporate security, health, finance, and other crucial operations.

It is for this reason that we offer, with our partners, Failover as part of some of our standard Backup Management packages, where mission-critical operations are immediately shifted to the cloud for as long as is necessary to restore on-site system functionality. In addition, systems restore can be reduced to as little as 15 minutes, depending upon the amount of data and number of systems.

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