Deploy A Platform For The Future

“RedHat Insights provides risk mitigation and visibility into the state of our systems. It helps us make sure our IT environment and data is secure with automated resolution of any threats.”

Pankaj Patra

Senior director of IT enterprise solutions at Brinker

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Long-term life-cycle support and options

Delivering consistent and stable IT performance is the top business priority for organizations glob-ally.7 A Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription offers flexible, stable, and security-focused life-cycle options to support your business requirements. You can choose from multiple supported versions, upgrade on your schedule, and adopt new features as you need them. Up to 10 years of updates and support for major releases, two years of updates and support for minor releases, and binary compati-bility between releases lets you plan for long-term success. In fact, organizations that deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux experience 16% fewer unplanned outages and 39% lower productivity loss due to unplanned downtime compared to those using other operating systems.3 Finally, ongoing access to advanced security features, patches, and guidance helps you implement continuous security strate-gies to protect your business.

Security resources and tools

You need to ensure compliance with corporate, regulatory, and industry requirements while protect-ing your systems from security threats and supporting new business objectives. Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides multilevel protection from threats, flexible security tools, and simpler ways to main-tain compliance. A dedicated security team, scanning and remediation tools, and ongoing access to new resources help you ensure continuous compliance. Automated security tools, regular updates and patch releases, and accessible security intelligence and expertise improve threat protection. Certification to stringent security standards — including Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2, Common Criteria (CC), and Secure Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIG) — lets you use Red Hat Enterprise Linux across industries and situations without compromising security.

Security feature highlight: OpenSCAPe

OpenSCAP is a line of specifications for maintaining the security of enterprise systems. It veri-fies the presence of patches by using content produced by the Red Hat Security Response Team, checks system security configuration settings, and examines systems for signs of compro-mise using rules based on standards and specifications. OpenSCAP is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), trusted by thousands of Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers, and updated with every minor release.