Creating Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) reports with the Process Automation Manager 7

In this scenario we will explore the dashboard and reporting capabilities of Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.

Based on the Form Modeler and DataSet capabilities of Process Automation Manager 7, the Reporting components provide a fast and intuitive way to create sophisticated reports, reporting web-pages, and reporting applications, using an easy to use drag-and-drop modeler.

In this course you will learn how to create your first Reporting page on Red Hat Process Automation Manager. The project will be built in the Process Automation Manager web-based workbench, that allows both developers and business users (e.g. business analysts, process practitioners) to create, manage and maintain business reports and reporting applications. This workbench is called Business Central.

The example report will be based on a dataset with tasks data and customer satisfaction data of our credit card dispute use-case. Process Automation Manager 7 supports multiple dataset formats, like CSV, database, etc. In this lab we will use a dataset that is stored in a PostgreSQL relational database.