Secure Remote Access for Employees – Guidelines to Ensuring Secure Access and Data Protection for Remote Employees

Learn the advantages of implementing cloud-based SafeNet Trusted Access from #Thales to protect your data—read this white paper, courtesy of PCC-IT International. It lists the advantages of a cloud-based solution over on-premises solutions and offers guidelines for assessing an IDaaS solution that meets your business’s needs. It also offers tips for protecting your corporate data while it’s being accessed remotely by employees—plus, it provides a web link where you can contact Thales to help you prepare to respond in a crisis.

SafeNet Trusted Access by Thales | Authentication and Access Management Solutions for Businesses

Ensure that the right user has access to the right resource at the right level of trust with SafeNet Trusted Access from Thales. Watch this video, courtesy of PCC-IT International, to learn how the solution enables you to simplify cloud access with SSO, secure apps at the access point, and ensure visibility into cloud access events—helping prevent data breaches, enabling secure digital transformation, and maximizing compliance.

Thales 2021 Access Management Index

82% of businesses are concerned about employees working remotely. Watch this video, courtesy of PCC-IT International, for a summary of the 2021 #Thales Access Management Index report. It also provides a link to download the full report, including 451 research recommendations.

How Can You Trust an Untrusted Environment?

How can you trust an untrusted environment? Read this eBook, courtesy of PCC-IT International, for insights from a group of leading information security professionals regarding the challenges surrounding threats—and how to succeed in building zero-trust security with Thales solutions.

How Secure Is Your Data in Motion?

How secure is your data in motion? Download this infographic, courtesy of PCC-IT International, to read about ITDM’s serious concerns about the security of data in motion across networks—and find out how #Thales High Speed Encryptors can help safeguard your data.

Thales High Speed Encryption Solutions

Delivering security without compromise while ensuring maximum throughput with minimal latency: #Thales High Speed Encryption solutions. Read this product brief, courtesy of PCC-IT International, to learn more about the advantages of Thales High Speed Encryption and the features of Thales Network Encryptors.

Introducing Luna 7 HSM by Thales

Introducing Luna 7 HSM by #Thales. Watch this video, courtesy of PCC-IT International, to learn how Luna 7 HSM can help you follow best security practices by creating, managing, and protecting encryption keys in a hardware root of trust. Luna 7 is certified and validated against the most stringent requirements, and as a result forms the foundation of digital trust for both traditional and emerging technologies ranging from PKI, code signing, and SSL-TLS to blockchain, DevOps, and IoT.