2022 Manufacturing Industry Outlook

Where is manufacturing headed in 2022 and beyond? Check out this article, courtesy of PCC-IT International, for an in-depth look at emerging key trends. 📈 Some of these trends include the acceleration of digital technology adoption and remaking the supply chain.

The Multi-layered Approach to Ransomware Protection and Recovery

You never know when or at which entry point a cybercriminal will hit your company with a #ransomware attack, take your data hostage, exact a ransom, encrypt your data, then add insult to injury by returning only a portion of the stolen data.
Thanks to #Commvault you don’t have to take ransomware attacks lying down.
Check out the brief to learn how Commvault’s multi-level #ZeroTrust security approach can protect, detect, and recover data from ransomware attacks.

Workspace Solutions for the Hybrid Workforce

Which C2G #AV setup is right for your home or office work environment? Permanent? Temporary? Portable? A combination of the three?

Download the eBook compliments of

PCC-IT International to find out. Take the quick 3-question quiz to discover which of the nine C2G options best suit your #hybrid #AV needs.

UNC gets into the Esports Arena with MCX  

The Carolina Gaming Arena at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill chose Black Box to implement a simple and intuitive control system that would allow UNC students and other stakeholders free and open access to the interactive gaming experience. Read the case study to learn why Lee Hyde, ResNET Director for Information Technology Services, called Black Box’s MCX AV-over-IP system “the perfect solution.”
#BlackBox #ProAV

Managed Risk and Threat Assessments

Are you aware of your current cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses? Let @Gradient Cyber conduct a full assessment of your IT environment, including networks and endpoints.

Contact PCC-IT International to find out how the power of Gradient Cyber Managed Risk Assessments can take your organization’s cybersecurity initiatives to the next level.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

IT teams have enough on their plate managing day-to-day IT tasks. Asking them to also oversee the increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape isn’t viable for many SMBs—both from an operational and budgetary standpoint. Read the datasheet to learn how @Gradient Cyber can provide 24/7 threat detection and response for your entire IT infrastructure—freeing up your IT team to innovate and handle business critical tasks.