Aruba Instant On Unboxing and Set up

Watch this video, brought to you by PCC-IT International, to see what comes in the box with Aruba Instant On products. Learn how you can quickly and easily set up your small business or home office indoor or outdoor network with the provided hardware and mobile app.

Aruba Instant On. For small business

Empower your employees and meet your customers where they’re located. This solution overview, brought to you by PCC-IT International, describes the various Aruba On products and shows how your small business can benefit from Aruba Instant On.

Are You Cloud Ready? Buy 3 Access Points & Get 2 Free

Access points from @ArubaNetworks are secure, easy to manage, and cloud-ready—perfect for enhancing employee/customer connectivity and app responsiveness. Now, it’s even easier to say ‘yes’ the latest technology because Aruba gives you 2 free Instant On access points for every 3 purchased. Only through Oct. 31 in North America. Read the offer details, then contact PCC-IT International for more info.

Aruba’s Safer & Stronger Network Offer

In the face of a global health crisis, health care providers are delivering care using different methods, like drive-through screening centers and temporary clinics. Despite these challenges, they must secure and optimize the user experience.

Download this promotional flyer, brought to you by PCC-IT International, to learn how Aruba UXI is helping ensure network performance and security when it’s most needed. Best of all, for a limited time, health care organizations can take advantage of Aruba’s safer and stronger network bundle and limited-time offer to keep both their data and bottom line intact.

Aruba ESP in Healthcare

In the face of today’s rapidly evolving healthcare challenges, we need doctors and nurses to have data at their fingertips, technology that helps avoid crises, and emerging research able to improve patient outcomes. We need health care at the edge. Check out this video, brought to you by PCC-IT International, to learn how Aruba ESP, the industry’s first AI-powered network, is making this a reality.

The Hybrid Workplace ‒ Adapting to the New Normal with Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform)

Welcome to the Hybrid Workplace, where your workforce fluidly divides time between the office and remote locations. The future relies on secure connectivity, edge sensors, AI-powered location planning, and office design principles to support workforce productivity, health, and business continuity. Read @ArubaNetwork’s overview on how to build this future now, leveraging its Edge Services Platform. Brought to you by PCC-IT International.

U.S. CARES Act. 

 State and local government IT directors should be strong advocates for use of $150bn from the federal government for #pandemic related support via the #CARESact. @ArubaNetworks provides 10 examples of IT projects suitable for subsidized funding, including mobile apps for virtually-delivered services and work-from-home initiatives. Contact PCC-IT International for more information.

  Smart Digital Government

Smart Digital Government demands no-compromise networking on a budget. Read how state and local government IT strategists from @ArubaNetworks and partners can advise you on #zerotrust security, remote workforce, and operational efficiency initiatives, plus evaluating solution financing options. Contact PCC-IT International for more information.