Eaton 5 series UPS overview

Enterprise-class battery backup for
desktops, network closets, edge computing
environments and server rooms

Eaton 5SC

Why the 5SC?

• Ideal for protecting small business servers,
network-attached storage (NAS), network
equipment, ATMs, ticket machines and kiosks
• Small footprint for easy integration within
small spaces
• USB port for automatic HID identification on
Windows®, Mac® and Linux®
• Model 5SC500 offers quiet, fanless operation
• Pure sine wave output for sensitive

Eaton 5S

Why the 5S?

• • Cost-effective solution for desktops and
POS equipment
• Cut energy costs up to 30% with EcoControl
• Seamless integration with WindowsT, MacT
and LinuxT

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Eaton 5P

Why the 5P?

• Remotely control On/Off the various
connected devices
• Fully remotely manageable with optional,
cyber-secured card
• Seamless integration with the leading
virtualization platforms
• Premium protection for servers, network
equipment and storage
• Compact 1U and 2U models offer a variety
of footprint options to ensure a proper fit for
almost any application
• Two-post, four-post, tower and wall-mount
options allow for quick installation and ease
of use

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Eaton 5P lithium-ion

Why the 5P lithium-ion?

• • Lithium-ion batteries deliver extended service
life up to eight years
• Light weight for easy rackmount or wallmount
• Battery management system provides up-todate insight into battery performance, charge
cycles and temperature

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Eaton 5PRC

Why the 5PRC?

• Ideal for protecting edge computing
• Reduced depth in comparison to 5P 1U
UPS models, providing up to 4-5 additional
inches of rear clearance
• Connect up to 10 devices with (10) 5-15R

Eaton 5PX G2

Why the 5PX G2?

• Regulates voltage fluctuations and offers extended battery runtimes
• Offers mass UPS firmware upgrades without dropping connected
equipment and provides an easy startup configuration wizard to
simplify setup
• Reduces risk of intrusion with the optional Gigabit Network Card
(NETWORK-M2), which is the first UPS connectivity device to meet
both UL and IEC cybersecurity standards
• Provides enhanced surge protection keeping your branch offices
and IT closets equipment safe

Build a complete solution with
the Eaton 5P and 5PX G2