Competitive Gaming Anywhere

Peripherals for competitive esports gaming from #ASUS. Esports are a vital part of student life. Get a competitive edge with PCs and peripherals from #ASUS Republic of Gaming. Check out this document, courtesy of PCC-IT International, to learn more.

Secure Remote Access for Employees – Guidelines to Ensuring Secure Access and Data Protection for Remote Employees

Learn the advantages of implementing cloud-based SafeNet Trusted Access from #Thales to protect your data—read this white paper, courtesy of PCC-IT International. It lists the advantages of a cloud-based solution over on-premises solutions and offers guidelines for assessing an IDaaS solution that meets your business’s needs. It also offers tips for protecting your corporate data while it’s being accessed remotely by employees—plus, it provides a web link where you can contact Thales to help you prepare to respond in a crisis.

Xerox App Gallery

#Xerox Apps and ConnectKey: Streamlining business processes! With a suite of apps, you can get even more value from your Xerox ConnectKey-enabled printer or MFP. 🖨💗 Learn more in this document, courtesy of PCC-IT International.

HP Supplies Chief Discusses Anti-Counterfeiting, Renewed Instant Ink, and Korean Litigation

The world is awash in inferior quality counterfeit HP products; compromising the print quality and #productivity of individuals and organizations worldwide who are lured into buying these shoddy print cartridges with phony “just as good as” advertising claims.

Find out what @HP is doing to stem this tide, protect their patents, and benefit HP partners and customers.

ABCB Reduces Its Standards Publishing Window from Several Weeks to Just Four Hours

Do your omnichannel publishing efforts need a boost? Read the case study to gain insight on how QPP NextGen can provide added power to your content creation efforts.

A @Quark Software Inc. solutions partner, PCC-IT International is available to discuss how QPP NextGen can supercharge content automation for your organization. Read the case study and DM us today for more info, including flexible purchasing options.


Top Opportunities for Automotive and Mobility in 2022

The automotive industry is expected to become a $6.6T industry with disruptive technology and business models accounting for 50 percent of revenue, reports McKinsey & Company. What drives revenue at your company? An integral part of the automotive, mobility, and transportation sector, @Microsoft is helping make the industry safer, more sustainable and more productive. Read 👇 to discover how Microsoft solutions help transportation companies embrace transformation.

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