Ally Financial, a leader in digital financial services, delivers online banking, auto finance and insurance, home loans, investing, and corporate finance. The company wanted more reliable and predictable deployments to keep up with an ever-changing market. Ally partnered with Red Hat to create a containerized hybrid cloud platform to support cloud-native application development, and it adopted DevOps processes to increase collaboration, innovation, and efficiency.

Make deployments faster and more reliable

The quickly changing financial services industry demands speed and efficiency. Ally needed to transform its IT capabilities to deploy releases much faster and with greater reliability.

Build a containerized hybrid cloud platform

Ally partnered with Red Hat® Consulting to determine how to move from traditional infrastructure to containerized development. Together, they built a containerized hybrid cloud platform for cloud-native application development. Ally also adopted DevOps processes to collaborate better and innovate faster. The platform and processes are being aggressively adopted across all major lines of business, and most business-critical applications are being onboarded to the platform, including online banking, analytics, and auto resale.

Software and services

Gain speed, agility, and efficiency

Ally’s new platform and processes have improved time to market, increased agility, and strengthened its competitive advantage. The time for go-live vetting has been reduced, and teams are able to rapidly react to problems that arise. Also, end-to-end automation has freed up developers to innovate and has introduced time-saving, self-service features.