About Us

PCC-IT International offers hundreds of thousands of SKUs of software, solutions, licensing, maintenance and support, as well as hardware products from 65+ industry partners, including IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, RedHat, Hewlett-Packard (HPE and HPI), Oracle, Citrix, Canon, Lenovo, Western Digital, Veeam, and many others Manufacturer Partners. Our expertise extends over the past 25 years and includes most operating systems and programming languages. We offer comprehensive products and services designed to meet the needs of our government, education, and corporate customers.

The PCC-IT International Team


Our experience is broad-reaching, with experts across every major industry. Custom programming services encompass software and applications development, mobile apps, enterprise application integration, software quality assurance, testing, prototyping, maintenance, and support. Services include updates, upgrades, migration, web development and portals, enterprise content, document, and resource management, cataloging, inventory management, e-commerce, customer support, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, sales knowledge management and support, financial functionality, and security optimization. Intranets, enterprise portals and resource planning, procurement, value chain, billing and payments, reporting, and B2B/B2C communication, services, and automation is provided.

Why Choose Us

30 years of IT programming and management across numerous industries

Government, Automotive, Biotech, Chemicals, Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Oil & Gas, Alternative Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacy Benefit Management, Retail, R&D, Service Organizations, Shipping, Telecommunications, Tools, Machinery, Utilities, and others.

We specialize in personalized service to you, our valued customer. Your account manager has unlimited resources available for designing, engineering, and deploying your solutions, software, hardware, and network purchases.

Call us today at 844-PCC-IT-INT (722-4846) so that we can discuss your specific purchase and project needs and requirements.