MSSP Services

(Managed Security Services Provider)

Your enterprise, whether large, medium, or small
requires quick responses, personalized attention to your IT systems and network issues, while assuring data protection, and resumption of uptime in an expedient manner.

Security monitoring and compliance applications can be costly.  You don’t have to invest in expensive solutions and the 24/7/365 staffing required for state of the art intrusion, malware, vulnerability, and (internal or external) data theft detection and remediation.  As an MSSP we provide all of these services along with a choice of business hours or 24/7/365 monitoring, SIEM, IDS, patching, remediation, behavioral analysis, disaster recovery, and more at a cost far less than setting up and maintaining an internal cyber security SOC (security operations center).

Our worldwide team offers MSSP Cyber Security, Network Management, and Custom Programming services in many cities around the globe. Our services include:

-MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) SIEM
(Security Information and Event Monitoring)Behavioral Monitoring (UBA)Network and Host-Based Intrusion and Threat Detection, Prevention, and Neutralization (IDS)Vulnerability Management Phishing Prevention, Testing, and Training Asset Monitoring and Detection Threat Hunting E-mail Security and Encryption Website Security and Defense File Integrity Monitoring Intrusion Incident Response Ransomware Early Detection and Neutralization Virus and Malware Detection and Elimination Penetration Testing

-Disaster Recovery
Remediation Services State-of-the-art Backup and Storage On-Site, Off-Site Cloud or Hybrid, Failover, Rapid Restore, Cloud Spillover, Servers & Endpoint Coverage, Virtualization of Windows Servers

-Network Management and Monitoring
Patch Management
Backup Management
Mobile Device Management
Anti-Virus Management

-Compliance Management
Audit Support
Vulnerability Analysis

Updates, Upgrades, New Software InstallationMigration of Data and Applications to New or Alternate Systems or the Cloud-Backup and Storage Design Including Cloud, Hybrid, Failover Flash, Multi-Site, Verification, Analysis, and Problem Resolution Hosted Backup-Database Services Management, Guidance, and Support-CRM Service and Support-Cloud Security Monitoring and Programming Support-Custom Programming, Planning, and Design-Many Additional Services to Meet Your Programming Needs and Requirements

Cyber Security

PCC-IT is a Cyber Security specialty organization, with state- of-the-art MSSP, SIEM, IDS, Vulnerability Analysis, Behavioral Analysis, Remedkiation, Disaster Recovery, anti-virus, anti- malware, network attack tracking and resolution, Ransomware avoidance and intervention, Host and Network IDS, Patching,, immediate incident response and reporting, and end-user training, and phishing traikning, testing, and prevention measures.

Our team has thwarted some of the most aggressive corporate and government intrusions with excellent results. Detection and Monitoring are crucial in thwarting cyber attacks including Ransomware, data loss, disruption, and theft. Our Remediation and and Disaster Recovery services provide intrusion containment, as well as safe, expedient restoral of IT/data dependent business operations.

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